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Steel wire reinforced PE composite pipe - Rural drinking water pipeline project in Badong villiage, Enshi District, Hubei province.


The area is located in the upper reaches of the three gorges dam, all of which are high mountains and deep gullies.Local residents live in scattered areas, all along the very steep hillside road edge of the mountain houses, living water is difficult. At present, each family is in the doorway of the hillside to dig a catchment pool, by collecting the surface water flowing down the slope of life.

1It was shot in the local residents' life to fetch water


In a local vertical height of more than 780 meters of the mountain, there is a reservoir, the water quality is good, suitable for drinking water.


In order to improve drinking water conditions for local residents, government departments have used the mountain reservoirs to provide water for nearby residents.The flowing water supplies water to a town located at the top of another vertical hill more than 730 meters high. The pipeline direction is as follows: first go down more than 780 meters, and then go up more than 730 meters after passing the bottom of the ditch.There is a drop of about 50 meters at the inlet and outlet of the water pipe.The whole pipeline runs in a u-shaped direction.After calculation, the design unit requires the maximum pressure of the pipeline to be around 8Mpa, and the diameter to be between 160 and 200mm.

The construction difficulty

Due to the high mountains and deep trenches, the traffic conditions are very limited.If use steel pipe, a transport condition is not up to;In addition, the installation of pipes on the hillside, all rely on people to carry, which makes it impossible to use steel pipes.56

Product and technical advantages

Through the recommendation of our business personnel, the design unit has looked up the data of our company's four-layer steel wire pipes in detail, and the application cases of large-scale projects such as the south-to-north water diversion project, dalian cross-sea water diversion project and beijing-new expressway, and believed that the use of such pipes is beneficial to the local environment.

7First, the pipe is light, convenient construction;Second, the overall corrosion resistance of the pipe, suitable for the local perennial humid areas;Third, the pipe flexibility is good, suitable for the local mountain high ditch deep rugged terrain;Fourth, the use of high pressure flange connection, pipe connection is convenient, the construction site without electricity, for the steep hillside connection pipe provides convenience.

8In the process of technical exchange, the technical personnel of our company introduced in detail the structural principle, special energy characteristics, calculation basis, structural principle and performance characteristics of double seal high-pressure joint of our company to the technical personnel of the design unit and the local water conservancy department.Based on the experience of our company in the construction of municipal water supply pipeline, the Suggestions on the use of exhaust valve, pipeline safety valve and pipeline emptying valve are put forward for the design department.Help the design department solve the existing problems.

The design unit, the local water conservancy department and the construction unit visited the company on the spot, and through the detailed explanation and demonstration of the technical department of our company, the customer really understood the advantages of our company's high-pressure steel wire pipe.The steel wire pipe with 9.0Mpa produced by our company was finally determined, and the new double-seal high-pressure and super-strong connection mode developed by our company was adopted.


This project is a very typical case, the basic high pressure steel wire Composite Pipe advantages (light weight, high pressure, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, no scaling, no breeding bacteria, etc.) are reflected.In addition, the current market with steel wire tube commonly used connection mode is also reflected.The electric fusion connection does not withstand the pressure, the common withholding quality hidden trouble and so on has limited these connection way in this kind of environment application, like this also our company new development double seal high pressure super strong connection characteristic superiority fully manifested.


Assist the agricultural drinking water project in badong county of enshi prefecture for targeted poverty alleviation, and provide favorable basis for the application and promotion of the company's new products (double seal and super strong connection).Especially in the western region of our country, whether in the field of coal mine or municipal water supply, as an example, it will provide our company with the popularization and application of steel wire pipes, far more than other manufacturers' technical advantages.

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